Read through the previous blog/essay written- taking your own notes in your own words

1) Create a double page explaining the progression of the depiction of the human body throughout ancient and modern civilisations

Use examples such as Venus(Willendorf), Egyptian art, Greek art and the ‘Perfect’ human
Include images and explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS how this has evolved.Finally explain HOW you think the Human Body is seen in our society today

2) Find 3 images from advertisements that show the Human Body in an unrealistic light
On a single page- stick these in and Annotate: How these are unrealistic or over exaggerated human forms- IN YOUR OWN OPINION

Think about the attraction of the Venus (Willendorf) and the reasons behind being ‘more human than human’ (over–exaggerated)

3) From the list below, choose 3 artists and research ONE of their art pieces, on another single page, stick these images in and annotate:

How you feel each artist has represented the Human Form, Is it realistic? Over Exaggerated? More Human than Human?

You could even start to compare their (piece of) work with Ancient art (pieces)? (Merit/Distinction)
You may even want to research into the background of these artists’ opinions/ideas (about the Human form and how they want to represent/depict it) (Merit/Distinction)

Click here for Jenny Saville
Click here for Robert Mapplethorpe
Click here for Cindy Sherman
Click here for Henry Moore
Click here for Richard Phillips
Click here for Merlin Carpenter
Click here for Jake and Dinos Chapman
Click here for Rineke Dijkstra
Click here for Duane Hanson
Click here for Elizabeth Peyton
Click here for David LaChapelle
Click here for Karen Kilimnik
Click here for Vanessa Beecroft
Click here for Muntean/Rosenblum
Click here for Orlan