• drawing is not boring...

    For the first few weeks you will be developing your observational drawing skills which in turn will not only boost your confidence but expand your knowledge, technical ability and art portfolio.

    1. Creating 3x A2 drawings of your shoes, focusing on tone and perspective
    1a. Presenting work and ideas
    1b. Discuss and create opinions on Critical and Contextual studies re: Still Life artist styles
    2. A1 Still life study focusing on process LOOK- SKETCH- PROPORTION- DETAIL- TONE
    3. 4 x A3 studies using view finder- from Still Life set up, expanding use of media and materials

  • ID Badges

    ID Badges must be worn at all times!

    It is imperative to wear your Identification badges at al times, so that tutors and other students can identify you as a current post 16 student.

    You will be reminded of this in the first week- then if you are without your badge you will be sent home to collect them.

  • Exposed: A/S Photography Trip

    Those of you who are Photography enthusiasts and are now embarking on A/S Photography have the opportunity to go on a Photography trip to the Tate Modern Exposed: Surveillance and the Camera in London.

    This is initially just a quick reminder to check out the website (exhibition): CLICK HERE

  • Are You Starting!

    Just a reminder... of start days for each art course:

    BTEC LEVEL 3 Diploma in Art and Design
    Year 12 and 13

    START DATE: Thursday 16th September @ 11.00am

    BTEC LEVEL 2 Diploma in Art and Design
    Year 12

    START DATE: Thursday 16th September @ 11.00am

    AS/A2 Art

    START DATE: Thursday 16th September @ 11.00am

    AS Photography

    START DATE: Monday 13th September @ 1.40pm

    A few things to remember:

    OTHER Courses may have different start dates

    Your Summer Project will be due on the INDUCTION DAY 1. Thursday 16th September

    Do not forget your Course/Art Pack fees!


  • Influences and Identity

    INFLUENCES and IDENTITY: Summer Project 2010

    If you are starting an Art course in September 2010 (year 12)- you need to complete the below Art Summer project. You will be expected to present this to your peers and tutors during the induction week of your Art course.
    Now like other summer projects, this is very open and again down to personal interpretation.

    The title is influences and identity- we will need you to think about what you are inspired by and what influences you. For example- does the music you listen to shape who you are? does the clothing you wear allow you to become someone? do you have a person whom you look up to and therefore molds your identity? There are many influences a person can have and that take part in the shaping of someone. They are personal and higly important.

    We are asking you to look into your own creative and artistic identity- thinking about ALL those things that have shaped you.

    influences and identity part 1

    We want you to create a series of art works (in ANY Media) that highlight not ONLY your identity BUT the influences that you have been exposed to in order to show who you are today.

    Influences and Identity part 2

    There is NO right or wrong answer- we cannot comment on your personal influences, we are looking for thought-out, structured, creative, original pieces of art work which excite not only ourselves when engaging with them but excite and inspire you, the artist.

    If you have ANY further questions or help on starting points, please email Cat. Further details have come to your via the post.

    ** Year 13 students continuing need to refer to Power of the Image tags.

  • FASHION-ista!!

    DressCode 2010

    So it is said that the Art students set the trend for a College or even sixth form.. so it is now your turn. Although we are all for the outragious and sometimes Avant Garde, we need to show some class and dignity when chosing to parade our wears. Therefore to adhere to the general Post 16 dress code we are setting the marker and a trend.

    Black although not new in the Art world, it hides all sins of the paint and mess.
    Comfortable shoes and overalls are essential.
    Then it is down to self expression.

  • PACK-UP! : 2010

    Following on from the tradition of the last few years there is again a new and slightly amended Art Pack waiting for those students who are starting the course in Septemeber 2010...

    Art Pack 2010

    New items to include:

    An A4 Hardback sketchbook with the SCC logo attached... did I say.. In GOLD!
    An A4 Softback sketchbook with, yes THE logo!
    Your own individual packs of Oil Pastels and Chalk Pastels
    8 brand new specialist paint brushes
    Personalised carry bags and aprons
    as well as an A2 Art portfolio

    In addition to this... those of you who are budding photographers.. don't feel left out, there is a NEW Photography pack being launched this September.


    Details about both (above) are being sent to you in trusty old snail mail!

  • Cornwall 2010

    Road trip...
    Embarking on the infamous trip to Cornwall was again an experience to be had.. bowling, pizza and shouting members of the public. What more can a girl ask for!

    CLICK HERE for Tate St Ives


    I suppose it is pretty much like the existance of Rosie and Jim...(the cats DA or the puppets)- the communian of art and music has begun and it is exciting.

    DRAWING TO MUSIC: responding to Music, Sound, Expression and Emotion

    Day 1: Tasks and Challenges to free up your mind and pre-supposed ideas about what drawing is and could be
    Day 2: Responding independently and collaborately to music through different media: paint, chalk, charcoal and collage- noting on sounds, emotions, the visually abstract and the literal (graphic scores)
    ** Choose your own piece of music, respond in your own way, think about the reason, purpose and intention of the visual art piece/pieces
    Day 3: Share your own ideas and opinions about the art work created and the music listened to- think about how these two ideas and 'forms' work together and have the potential to be pushed and challenged.
    Day 4: LARGE SCALE~: working in small groups (mixed), discussing sounds, planning large compositions and developing creative ideas and realising intentions on large paintings, constantly reflecting on your own ideas and the groups ideas.....

    to be continued...........................................

    *** Extension: Start looking at the work of Kandinsky, think about his compositions as reponses to music, decipher his use of colour, shapes and composition in their entirety.

  • Deadline- what does this mean... for me!

    BTEC National Certificate in Art and Design

    As you know, your deadline is fast approaching.. but what does this mean and what will you be expected to do, say and produce before this day in order to get your rightfully owed assessment.

    1. You will need to be prepared on the day to have your FINAL outcome completed.
    * HINT:Think about how you would like this viewed by others.
    2. You will need to know what your own work is about? why you created it? what inspired you? and how you have got to this final end point?
    * HINT:These will be types of questions you will be asked about your art work.
    3. You will have to talk about your work coherently and confidently, explaining about the CONCEPT of your idea and the CONTEXT your work should be approached and viewed in
    * HINT:Make sure you make critical and contextual links to the work of others (studied) and further links to the theme (in this case Primitive Artefacts)
    4. You will definitely need support work, sketchbook work and developmental ideas which support your final piece. These do not have to be fully completed by the set deadline BUT you will need to complete these, along with other set targets (tutors) by the final deadline.
    * HINT: This will be a key time to include a comprehensive evaluation, further developmental ideas and a consolidation of thinking
    5. Finally...this whole process is of benefit for you, as students, refer back to the assessment criteria, check what you will be assessed upon, how you can achieve this and how will you do so in the future.
    * HINT:The more you question your own work and ideas, and the work of others the better you will be at understanding comments made towards you and your own art work.

    You will be assessed on your crit and your final piece- try to think about what you are going to say before saying it. Use keywords, themes, ideas and creative approaches.


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